OrionMS-20 Improvisation

March 03, 2024

Nakatsugawa Korg Museum





I went to the Nakatsugawa Korg Museum, among the top 5 places I wanted to visit.
I would like to introduce this museum little by little in the future, so this time, I will only provide an overview.

A private collection that exhibits not only history but also design. By observing Korg and other "comparisons", we can learn about Korg's originality and philosophy. I heard various stories from the owner, Mr. Ishikawa, and I became very interested in researching the design of electronic musical instruments. Analog equipments that came before the Yamaha DX7 was attractive not only for the playability of the interface with its many knobs, but also for its ingenious design that took into account manufacturing costs and ease of maintenance.

We can play some of the collection. Mr. Ishikawa repaired the MS-50 in advance, so I spent about an hour and a half enjoying the patch. (I wanted to play for a day and a half or even a week.)

I look forward to revisiting this wonderful mountain place!

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OrionMS-20 Improvisation